Blind Set – Trap That Hard To Get Coyote

blind setThe Blind set is something you want to be good at. If you have never experimented with this set, you owe it to yourself. A well-constructed blind set can save you a lot of time a headache. When you get good a setting them you will be amazed at the different animals you can trap.
you can use this type of set as a last resort to catch a specific coyote that is difficult to trap. A well Place blind set will be in areas where tracks show the coyote has been stepping. For example, on a trail where the coyote or fox must step over a long or large stick. Another good example would be a place where the coyote jumps over a fence into a field.
A blind set is not any more difficult to construct than any other set. A well-seasoned trapper will look out for locations to place these sets. When you get good at spotting prime locations they will almost slap you in the face. Blind set is concealed and covered the same way as flat sets. Place the trap in the exact spot the coyote hits the ground. When it jumps over the fence or when it leaves the ground to jump.
Hide the blind set, and place small sticks on either side of the trap to direct the coyote into it. Bare ground in an otherwise grassy area provides the coyote an inviting spot to place a foot.
A blind set is used to trap hard-to- catch coyotes. The trap is placed in the exact spot the coyote touches the ground.blind set When it jumps over a fence or at the spot it stands when starting to jump. The carefully placed sticks direct the coyote to step in the trap. When scouting for a location, look for coyote tracks in areas where the fence sags.
Blind sets at these locations are usually selective. No bait or lure is used to attract non-target animals. The coyote is usually the only animal jumping over the fence at these locations. Blind sets can also be used on trails and at crawl-under locations at fences.

Variation of the Blind Set

trapping in deep snow
Another variation of the blind set is to place a “jump” stick in front of the set on a coyote’s natural pathway with no bait or lure. The jump stick is set at a height that a deer must jump over and a coyote has to craw under. This helps to keep unwanted deer from setting off you trap. With this type of variation of the blind set you can use a snare or a foothold. Place the snare under the jump stick, when the coyote crawls under the stick it will be snared.
The blind set is especially effective in deep snow. Keep in mind coyotes are like all other animals they will use that path of least resistance. This means they will use paths created by other animals and even humans. A good trapper will construct a blind set on a trail they create in deep snow for setting a blind set. Don’t place the set on a path you use to check the traps. This will leave to much scent and will deter animals from using it.

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