Cubby Set – Build A Cubby Trap More Animals

cubby setThe cubby set is one of the most versatile sets a trapper has in his arsenal. It is easy to construct, can be placed almost anywhere and be made form almost anything. The best part about the cubby set is it can be made from materials usually found a short distance from the set site. This set can be used with a foothold or conibear style trap.

Keep in mind when building the cubby set. The main purpose is to get the animal to approach the set from a particular direction. Usually, the set is backed up to a tree, rock wall, bank, or logs. This will help to direct the animal to the front side of the set. A lot of trappers will have an open-ended cubby set. They will have two openings and a trap on either ends of the set.
Build a cubby and make sure the back of the cubby is closed so the animals cannot enter from that end. Next dig a bed for the trap out side of the cubby if using a foothold and cover it like you would a normal flat set. If you are using a conibear, it should be placed just inside the cubby with some of the debris hiding the trap. After you have the cubby and the trap is set add some bait and lure the back of the cubby.
The cubby set does not have to be very big. The object of this set is not to get the animal into the cubby but rather inspect it. Therefore, the foothold is placed just outside the cubby. When the animal inspects the cubby its foot will land on the pan.

 How to Build a Cubby Set

cubby set
1. This cubby is built against a tree. The tree close up the back of the cubby. debris is laid down for the walls.
2.You can also make cubbies out of wood, logs, slabs of bark, rocks, and other natural materials.
3. Dig a bed for your trap just outside the opening of the cubby.
4. Here, the trap is fastened to a tree to anchor it. The wire is not twisted tightly against the tree. With the wire loose the animal can circle the tree and not get tangled up.
5. Put the trap in the bed. The trap should be placed just outside the opening of the cubby.
6. Here, leaves are used to cover the trap. The cubby set is for less wary furbearers, and there is no need to cover the trap with dirt.
7. To finish the set, place some bait, or lure, or both in the back of the cubby.

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