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Urine Post Set Variation of the Flat Set

The urine post set is like the flat set and dirt hole set. All three set are variations of the flat set. While there are more variations to the flat set than there are to the dirt hole, I’ll try to come up with a general flat set that is generic in nature. Location is the most important aspect of ...

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Dirt Hole Set and How to Make it

The dirt hole set is one of the most effective sets for land trapping. It is made by digging a small hole in the ground and hiding a trap in front of the hole. The hole itself will attract the attention of an animal. Bait and lure placed in the hole will add additional attraction’s to the set.   Any ...

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Flat Set – First Set Every Trapper Should Learn

Most trappers start off perfecting a variation of the flat set. If trapping were a college major, the flat set would be taught in trapping 101. The flat set is one of the most widely used sets to trapping fox and coyotes. The flat sets are more popular than dirt hole set because it targets canines over other species. A ...

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